The Ski-Doc Camera Mount:


Can you recommend any Video Players?
We like to use VLC Player. The nice thing is that it is easy to use and is good for slow-motion. Download it here -
Can you recommend any Cameras?
We have been very happy using Kodak Playsport zx5, but there are many cameras that could be successfully used, but it is impossible for us to test a large number of cameras, so there might be some that are not suitable to be used on the Camera Mount.

The Kodak Playsport zx5 is unfortunately not being made anymore. However it is possible to buy it at places like Ebay and Amazon. It is the perfect camera for this use. Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, compact, HD and easy to use.

The setting we like for the Kodak Playsport is 720p/60fps (sports and action).

If you can choose different quality settings for your camera, try them all and find the one that works best. Sometimes it is better to go to a lower resolution to get a good picture quality.

Weight and balance of the camera is of importance for a good result. The Camera Mount is made for compact cameras of weights up to 7oz/200grams.

Cell phones can be attached by purchasing an inexpensive Cell Phone mount. These are available at online places like Ebay - try search on "cell phone tripod".

GoPro cameras provide an amazing quality and several pro-skiers are using it. Especially jumpers have been able to get great results. Gopro's provide a great wide angle shot, so depending on the line length, you may find that it is hard to get a proper look at the skier.

The picture shakes - what is wrong?
Always check that the Camera Mount sits properly on the pylon and that the tripod screw to the camera is fastened. You can experience a "rope-shake", which is when the skier hooks up hard after the turn or have slack rope. The Camera Mount reacts to the movement of the rope, so if it a rough pass chances are that the video is rough too. You can use a Video Player like VLC Player to slow the video down and this will in most cases make it possible watch the skier. 
I only get the skier on one side
The camera has to be centered on the Camera Mount in order to catch both sides of a slalom pass. Before skiing, have someone stand on the swim platform and hold the rope tight. Look in the Camera finder to center and adjust accordingly.

It is recommended that you use the widest angle on the camera. This gives the camera a little 'play'', in case the camera is not perfectly centered.

Why should I avoid touching the vibration damper?
The damper is made from a special foam material and it is the non-mechanical link between the camera and the Camera Mount. It is a fragile part and if damaged it could cause the Camera Mount to fail.
Is the Camera Mount safe?
If used correctly the Camera Mount is safe to use. However ALWAYS check the mount before use to make sure it is installed correctly. Remember to read the User Manual before use!
How do you install a camera on the Camera Mount?
The Camera Mount has a Tripod Screw that attaches the camera to the Mount. The wings on the screw can be accessed through the round hole on the side of the Camera Mount.
Are there any rope types that work better than others?
The Knotless rope type  may not be suitable to use with the Camera Mount. The Camera Mount works by being guided by the rope. Knotless rope tends to be narrower by the pylon and therefore not touching the Camera Mount properly.
The camera is losing the skier around the buoy, what is wrong?
If the rope is touching the sides of the rope channel on the Camera Mount it should follow the skier. Make sure your camera has been set to wide angle. Zooming in on the skier minimizes the play that there is in the camera setup. Also, check that the tripod is properly fastened. If the Camera Mount is moving with the skier the Camera Mount will work, the rest is setting up the camera properly.
I just purchased the Camera Mount - what should I do?
Read the User Manual before use! This should give you the information you need. Also, go through the FAQ list and see if there are helpful tips that you can use.
How should the Camera Mount be handled?
The Camera Mount is delicate and you should handle it with same care you would handle your camera.
My camera can be screwed tight on the Camera Mount
The length of the Tripod screw needed varies from camera to camera. You can place a washer under the rubber washer or contact us for help.
Camera settings:
If you can choose different quality settings for your camera, try them all and find the one that works best. Sometimes it is better to go to a lower resolution to get a good picture quality.

For the Kodak Playsport zx5 we like 720p/60fps (sports and action).

Please share your camera quality results with us and we will post them here.

Camera Mount does not slide smoothly:
Unfortunately there are a few Ski Nautique pylons that are out of tolerence (random years). This means that the Camera Mount does not move freely. The best fix at this point it to use some 200 grit sandpaper and sand the inside of the Camera Mount where it sticks.